CLICK TO VIEW - MMS HandbookPublished - 1/4/2022

Created - 1/4/2022
MMS Handbook

MMS Directory to Accompany Workshop Presentation 2022

CLICK TO VIEW - Replica MMS Website with Fake Data for Training WorkshopsPublished - 1/1/2022

Created - 1/1/2022
Replica MMS Website with Fake Data for Training Workshops

PDF for attendees of Advanced MMS Workshop 2022 National Convention

CLICK TO VIEW - Printer Friendly Ruritan TimelinePublished - 3/17/2021

Created - 3/17/2021
Printer Friendly Ruritan Timeline

Black and White timeline of Ruritan events and activities.

CLICK TO VIEW - Timeline of Ruritan Activities and EventsPublished - 3/15/2021

Created - 3/15/2021
Timeline of Ruritan Activities and Events

Calendar of national deadlines and activities

CLICK TO VIEW - How To Use Online Officer TrainingPublished - 6/13/2018

Created - 6/13/2018
How To Use Online Officer Training

Instructions for using the officer training modules on the MMS

CLICK TO VIEW - Ruritan And Social MediaPublished - 5/25/2018

Created - 5/25/2018
Ruritan And Social Media

Ways that social media can enhance your Ruritan club, zone and district

CLICK TO VIEW - Ruritan BrandingPublished - 5/25/2018

Created - 5/25/2018
Ruritan Branding

2018 PowerPoint presentation as a pdf on the Ruritan Brand

CLICK TO VIEW - Club Leadership HandoutPublished - 1/29/2018

Created - 1/29/2018
Club Leadership Handout

Slides turned into pdf document of Club Leadership training done at Charleston Convention

CLICK TO VIEW - Negotiating SkillsPublished - 12/19/2010

Created - 1/1/2005
Negotiating Skills

Negotiating within your club yields best results

CLICK TO VIEW - Conflict Resolution TrainingPublished - 12/18/2010

Created - 1/1/2005
Conflict Resolution Training

Training about how can your club members work smoothly together, drawing strength from a variety of personalities and priorities.