The Ruritan Youth Camp is set for July 15-17 at the W.E. Skelton 4-H Center.

What is it?

We hope your club will be able to sponsor young Ruritans and Ruri-Teens (either from your club or from other clubs in your district) to take part in this fantastic opportunity for fellowship while learning leadership skills and increasing their enthusiasm for serving their communities through their membership in Ruritan and/or Ruri-Teen.

This event is July 15-17, 2022, and will be held at the W.E. Skelton 4-H Center, located at Smith Mountain Lake in Wirtz, VA. Cost for this camp is $165. This camp is for students ages 9 to 17.

What will the Camp Include?

Climbing tower, canoeing, riflery, archery, swimming, basketball, miniature golf, fishing, hiking trails, small animals, and more. Youth will be able to catch up with old friends and make new ones.

From the Youth Committee:

The Youth Committee of the National Board of Directors is asking for your help. There is nothing in Ruritan more important than our youth. Without them there is no future for Ruritan. We do not want any youth left behind because they could not afford to be a part of this exciting event that could shape their future and the future of Ruritan. The Youth Committee's goal is for these young people to build their leadership skills while they learn more about Ruritan and community service. We will wrap all this great education in a fantastic, fun time full of fellowship and joy. The facility provides a safe and inviting space for all of this to take place

Donate to Sponsor a Youth to Camp

If you don't have any youth to send to the summer camp - consider donating to help pay for youth who might not be able to afford the camp fees. Donations can come from individuals, clubs or districts. Use this form to send in your contribution. Youth Camp Donation Form

Get Registered:

Complete all the required the forms below and send with payment to Ruritan National, P.O. Box 487, Dublin, VA 24084 before June 15, 2022. If you are an adult chaperone you are required to complete the Camp Chaperone Training Information.

2022 Youth Camp Registration Form

Youth Camper Paperwork (Registration form completed separately.)

Adult Chaperone Paperwork (Registration form completed separately.)

Camp Chaperone Training Information

2022 Camp Flyer

Ruritan Youth Programs

Ruri-Teen clubs are formed with teen and youth members, up to age 19. These clubs can be located in schools or in the community and may meet 12 months a year or 9 months a year, to coincide with the school year.

Ruritan Youth are members under the age of 19 in regular Ruritan clubs. There is no lower limit to the age of a youth member in a regular club. Many entire families belong to Ruritan and the children are considered "Ruritan Youth."

'CLICK Ruritan Youth brochure

Ruritan Youth brochure